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About me

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Samantha Sim


Im Sam the owner and creator of Wild Willow and the Nuddle End Fairies.

I’m based in a little village called Luddenden, near the market town of Hebden Bridge.

I am a maker of fairies and story teller and my little business opened in January 2020.

I am very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world, the kind of place where fairies might live, and get up to all sorts of adventures!

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
I have an Etsy page where you can find any available fairies and coming soon is a new website which I am very excited about!

I work from home and love every minute. My workspace (or fairy world) as it is known locally, inspires my little stories.

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Wild Willow Fairies Hebden Bridge, U.K.

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