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About me

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While Darcey Sleeps

My name is Karen, I am married with a 19 year old daughter. I live in Sussex but I am a Londoner by birth (and heart). I have two dogs, Darcey and Milo – Darcey gave me the name for my company as she has two speeds, either on or off so, you guessed it, you can only work while she sleeps!
Other facts about me:
I used to work for the government – but not this one so I cant be blamed!
I have several types of arthritis – so the Olympics are out!
I am 53 on the outside – about 9 in my brain.
I believe in fairies and Santa – I actually track Santa on the NORAD website.
I am self taught in everything – except driving, you need an expert for that!

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I make amigurumi magical creatures

CE tested ones for the under 10s and collectables for the over 10s. I paint commissioned pet portraits, but will try anything I have done blue flamingos!

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While Darcey Sleeps Haywards Heath





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