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I’m Clair, owner of Twysted Roots and maker of handmade bead and wire tree sculptures. I’m also #QueenOf Wire Trees and have won #SBS; Small Business Sunday which is ran by Theo Paphitis.

I moved to Cornwall from the Scottish Bordersin 2013. I live with one of my sons and two dogs and started working from home as it allowed me to do something for myself as well as being a carer. I’ve always been artistic and love drawing and painting and looking at things and going “oooh I could do / make that!” and then spending a fortune on whatever medium it happens to be in. I’m autistic with ADHD, as is my younger son and I don’t go out much unless it’s to walk the dogs, which I do several times a day. Just as well I have them otherwise I’d lose all track of time when I get stuck into tree making mode.
Creating wire and bead trees has combined my love of art, creativity and being inspired by colours and by nature. Every tree is made by hand and unique. and cannot be exactly replicated so you are guaranteed to have a one off design. Trees can be of a single bead or wire colour or a complimentary or contrasting mix. They make a lovely gift either as a stand alone decorative item, part of a collection, or even as a cake topper for a celebratory cake.

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