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About me

Roz Owen

Tideline Ceramics – inspired by the sea and coast of west Wales.

Most of my ceramic pieces are thrown on the potters wheel and are functional – mugs, bowls, vases, bottles and tumblers. I love the idea that people use the things that I make, that they just become part of someone else’s life.

Some of pieces are initially thrown on the wheel and then cut and altered by hand – platters are stretched over rescued buoys from the beach, vases and pots are cut and carved. These techniques allow me to create shapes and textures inspired by nature.

I occasionally hand build seascape wall sculptures from porcelain, each piece sculpted by hand and joined together to make small snapshots of things often found on the tide-line.

The textures, colours and shapes of nature at the coast and on the beach are my inspiration, which I try to translate in to practical, functional ware with the occasional non functional (dysfunctional?) sculpture adding to my repertoire.

Tideline Ceramics – inspired by the sea, handmade by me: Unique art for your home.

  • Sea Worn Bottle
  • Sea Spray Cereal Bowl
  • Old Deckchair Mugs
  • High Tide Mugs
  • Matt Green Bird
  • Old Deckchair Cereal Bowls
  • Ebb Tide Espresso tumblers
  • Ebb Tide Coffee Tumblers
  • Beach Pebble Mugs
  • Ebb Tide Espresso Tumbler
  • Sea Sculpture III
  • sea sculpture 1
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