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I started Sea Witch’s Cavern in 2003 with ornaments and single hanging Swarovski crystals. I soon started making the more elaborate Swarovski crystal sun catchers and then branched out making jewellery and other handcrafted gifts. I moved my shop to Etsy in October 2015 and a new journey began.At craft fairs and jewellery parties a lot of people ask me where the name came from. It all began when the young son of a friend, jokingly called me The Friendly Sea Witch. With my interest in geology, gemstones, crystals and healing plants, coupled with my love of the sea – it certainly seemed to suit me. The friendly Sea Witch was born. Of course when I wanted to open a shop it had to be a cavern because a sea witch wouldn’t live in a ordinary house.I love working with beautiful gemstone beads, crystals and silver but the true satisfaction comes when a customer contacts me to say how delighted they are with their purchase.The Swarovski crystal beads and pendants I use in my jewellery and gifts appeals to the glittery, bling part of my nature They are so flawless and so beautiful that it is a pleasure to work with them. The gemstones give me a sense of awe when I am working with them. They are so varied and the power of nature, which created them, is awe inspiring.

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