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Sarah Greening Glass

I have a small studio in Worcester where I design and create a range of contemporary kiln-fused glass jewellery next door to my husband who is a potter. I have a science background and enjoy playing with the chemistry of reactions inside the layers of glass to produce striking effects. As a side-line I recycle gin bottles into jewellery! I also love experimenting with enamelling copper and the textures and patterns that can be achieved.

I run classes in glass fusing and enamelling in Worcester, often as a combined class with pottery throwing too.

I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of a small business and am now selling in several shops, galleries and enjoy having stalls at art & craft markets across the Midlands.

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I design and create a range of contemporary fused glass jewellery

I have a small studio in Worcester where I design and create a range of contemporary fused glass jewellery. My work often has bold colour combinations or eye-catching light effects and the most common response is “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. Although the techniques are repeatable, each piece is unique partly because the time in the kiln up to 800C always adds the extra unknown factor which is very exciting. The glass pieces are available as pendants, adjustable rings, earrings and cufflinks and commissions are welcomed. I am running taster glass fusing classes for up to 4 people at a time for anyone interested in learning the basic techniques and creating a sun-catcher or coaster and jewellery. I also go out into workplaces to teach larger groups and have combined courses with my potter husband.


Making the glass jewellery

Just some of the steps in making my unique fused glass jewellery. Find out more: sarahgreeningglass.co.uk @greeningglass
Many thanks to @lewismembery for many of the photos included.

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Sarah Greening Glass Worcester, England





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