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    3 years, 6 months ago

    Reactions within Glass day 1.

    Fusable Glass comes in different forms, different chemical make ups. Using various colours of glass you can produce the most amazing effects. Some coloured glasses have Copper, Lead or Sulphur in. These properties react with each other in very different and unique ways. Add copper, silver or gold foils too into the glass will cause even better reactions.
    These can produce strange hues in the glass or halos around the foils or differnet coloured glass
    As shown in my picture. I used Vanilla glass which has Sulphur in with Turquoise Frit (small fragments of broken glass) which has Copper in. These react to produce dark red halos around rhe glass.
    I’ve yet to try the fine powder forms in the glass. but will do shortly and write up about it.

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    • I love your designs- the colours are very eyecatching and I like the striped pendant on the front page. The paw prints also are a great gift idea and very sweet 🙂

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