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I currently work as a Graphic Designer and Sign Maker for a local sign company here in Cambridgeshire (UK). I been trying for many years to find something which I could learn as a new skill which I could then use and enjoy as I get older.
About 2 years ago I discovered silver clay and copper clay. After about 6 months of using a flame torch to fire the clay's I decided to buy a small jewellery kiln. That was an investment that I will never regret.
It made the production of silver items far easier and I was experimenting and producing earrings and pendants. It soon dawned on me that the possibility of fusing glass in the kiln was viable. Soon after purchasing a glass fusing kit I realized I have a love for glass. Ever since then I've been using it more as a hobby, making pieces for family and friends. Until I was told I should start selling them to everyone. Hence Chameleon Gifts on Instagram was born. It was only a matter of time before I came on to Etsy. Though Chameleon Gifts just did not quite fit as a shop name. Samphire was a name I remember from my childhood of a plant in the Fens, and so Samphire Glass was born.
I love the effects, colours and the vast ranges of shapes I can produce in glass. I am still learning and hopefully in time I will start to produce larger pieces.

I fuse glass to make dichroic or coloured glass jewellery

I also make small decorative home décor pieces and bowls; fusing glass and images into the glass using high temperature decals. they can used to make coasters, hanging glass images and pictures fused and mounted in frames.

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