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About me

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Adele Savage


As a scientist by training, I work hard to formulate beautiful, skin-loving products that made with thoughtful ingredients. I am on a mission to show the world that plastic free doesn’t have to mean boring.

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After a year of formulation, I have settled on a hair-loving formulation packed with thoughtful ingredients that make LOADS of bubbles and last over 60 washes.


Wholesale, Corporate gift, multibuy discounts are available upon request

Personal Note

If you are sending a loved one a gift, just leave a personal note at check out and I'll pop it in their delivery

Plastic Free

I knowyou care about your footprint here on Earth so I have made sure that no plastic is used in my packaging

Plastic free is a journey of small, incremental change that doesn't require perfection to be effective.

Adele Savage

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