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Preciously Wired

I design and make Preciously Wired jewellery and each piece is an exclusive limited edition or a one-off handcrafted original.

I am passionate about designing and making jewellery and have been selling online since 2000. I also exhibit at UK Craft Fairs and Galleries and I am always happy to accept commissions for one-off pieces for that special person or occasion.

I work exclusively with precious metals and genuine gemstones (precious and semi-precious) and genuine pearls; and every piece of jewellery is made with care and an attention to detail you’ll find hard to beat.

How did my passion start?  My parents were Antique Dealers so I got to "play" with lots of lovely Victorian and Edwardian crystal, amber, jet and pearl beads and was inspired by all the beautiful pieces I came across at Antique & Fine Art Fairs. In addition, I am a collector of gemstone rocks and minerals and can't walk by a lovely specimen without stopping to admire it, so I knew there were lots of gorgeous semi-precious gemstones just waiting to be sourced and made into something unique – put the two passions together and you get a jewellery designer!

If you like my work and would like to see updates on my latest creations, news and preview offers, please consider following one of my social media accounts - thank you.

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