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    2 months ago

    M o n d a y ⠀

    Helloooo good morning! We finally have snow yayyy 🎉🎉🎉🎉⠀

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and are feeling refreshed for a brand new week! It’s the last week of homeschooling before half term 🎉🎉🎉 woohoo!!!⠀
    As you can tell I’m very very excited, as are the kids too!😂😂⠀

    Yesterday my husband did a blooming great job putting cupboards together in my work room and adding a worktop on top of them so now I have much needed storage and also a new place for my new machine that will be with me very soon! Exciting times!!!⠀

    I wanted to show you this recent order that has now been received, Louise asked if the colour can be changed to match decor in her the kitchen and of course I was happy to accommodate! It looks beautiful in grey doesn’t it 😍⠀

    Ps. I would love it if you have ordered from me via the website, could you spare a few minutes to pop to the item you have ordered and received and leave me a review? It’s such a great appreciation for small businesses to receive as it shows visitors on my site peace of mind xx⠀

    Have a wonderful Monday 🌟⠀

    💖 Hannah xxx⠀
    Website: http://www.pixiesattic.co.uk
    Blog: http://www.pixiesattic.co.uk/blog/

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