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Along with my 3 little Nessie hunters and my husband, I search the banks of Loch Ness for beautiful pieces of sea glass, keeping one eye open for the Loch Ness Monster - Nessie herself.
I love the natural state that the Sea Glass is found, reminding us of the power and beauty of our amazing oceans, lochs and rivers.

Each piece was once discarded as rubbish and has now been shaped by the power of Mother Nature.

In recycling these into beautiful pieces of jewellery, I do not artificially change them in any way, except to give them a good clean using good old fashioned soap and a toothbrush
Sea glass in its natural state can range from incredibly frosted looking to clear and this makes each piece very individual indeed.

Most pieces of sea glass I use have tumbled in the depths of Loch Ness for years, making them perfectly imperfect and who knows, perhaps touched by the famous Loch Ness Monster - Nessie herself.

Pure Scottish.

Any questions, please ask

I make Scottish Sea Glass jewellery with Sea Glass collected from the Banks of Loch Ness.

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