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    ⚠️ I have seen a few posts online lately saying that people are slowing down their internet shopping because they may be worried about coming into contact with Coronavirus…this of course is very concerning for small businesses like mine who are relying on the income they get to buy food and pay rent and household bills. Let me assure everyone that a business like mine is a lot, lot safer to deal with than any huge online company and here’s why…🧐

    1) I work from my home so I am practically self-isolated

    2) I am THE ONLY PERSON to come into contact with the items you purchase from me, I create it, I package it and I take it to the Post Office Counter personally to send it – I do not have a factory full of people to manufacture my items, each doing one little task before passing the item to the next person for the next stage of assembly before it is them packed into it’s first bit of packaging, a picking team, a packing team, a warehouse full of people and a fleet of couriers all of them touching your item before it reaches you.

    3) I use self sealing packaging, stickers and stamps.

    4) Viruses DO NOT survive for very long on porous surfaces such as paper and tissue so in the unlikely event that your envelope may have come into contact with the virus when I take it to the Post Office, by the time it arrives with you in the mail, it will have long expired.

    🤞 I do hope that this reassures you that you can order from me and my other small business buddies with complete confidence- we are all relying on you to keep going at the moment, because if you stop shopping with us- we go under for good. Thanks for reading x 👍

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