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    2 years, 1 month ago

    It’s starting to feel Festive in the LovesVintage43 household- yes I know it’s early, but a Flapper has to get organised well in advance for these things! I have some fantastic events lined up from November to December, Including old favourites such at The Lightbox in Woking and The Kemtpon Steam Museum also a couple of brand new ones including the Teddington Constitutional Club’s first Christmas Pop-Up and Iver’s first Christmas Bazaar which will be raising money for Domestic Abuse Survivors – I can’t wait ! If you want to see where I will be so you can come along and see my jewellery in person and say hello, just click the link on the left for my Facebook page- there is a list of all of my upcoming events on there for you to browse through. I do hope to see you over the next couple of months 🙂

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