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Louise Lewis

Gift Wrapping Expert

Does the very thought of gift wrapping leave you feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you reach for the nearest gift bag because your gifts just never look the way you intended them to? Or maybe you've mastered the basics but want to learn more tips & tricks to make your gifts look even more special?

At a gift wrapping class you will learn how to make your gifts stand out for all the right reasons. From measuring & cutting the paper to creating beautiful pleats and tying bows.

You can choose from 1:1's, group classes and for businesses, there's the Team Gift Wrapping Experience.

My husband & I live in a lovely spot on the outskirts of Barnard Castle in a lovely cottage. We enjoy foodie trips around the country & I also get to indulge my creative streak.

Giftwrapping Workshops - introductory Christmas Craft workshops

I am soon adding an advanced giftwrapping workshop & introducing calligraphy skills.

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