About me


Owner/Manager and Ornamental Landform Model Maker

I live on edge of North Pennines near Penrith in Cumbria and I am director of my own cottage industry type craft business and I make ornamental landform realistic models by sculpting clay, moulding them, casting and hand painting them. The models are currently of Fells/Mountains of Cumbrias Lake District but more from other mountain areas to follow soon. They are at maximum the size of a small to medium size book.  I make them using my own interpretation and I am self taught in sculpting, moulding, casting & painting them.

I am a Geologist academically and have a specialism & great interest in rocks, landforms and this includes volcanoes & volcanic rocks.
I am very familiar with Cumbrias Lake District, having explored it extensively and have known the Lakes since I was very little, when I lived in Durham. Cumbrias Lake District has always been a special area to me. I have also explored & climbed, that includes some rock climbs of most of Scotlands and Wales mountains. Further afield I have climbed 3 of the Swiss Alps highest 4000 metre peaks, several peaks in Norway, Corsica, Italys Dolomites & several Italian volcanoes. In Iceland I have explored & climbed 15 of the main volcanoes including active ones & the highest and experienced the lava eruption of Icelands Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in 2010.
All this has given me the experience and inspiration to make the ornamental models.


3D Interpretation of Landforms
Clay sculpting of landforms
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