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Owner/Manager and Ornamental Landform Model Maker.

I am a Geologist academically and graduated in Geology & Geography, I currently also work in many primary schools delivering and presenting Earth science workshops but does not include oil & gas. I have made larger scale practical working models for these workshops and this is my initial skill to now making ornamental landform models.

I am owner/manager of my own craft 'cottage' business. From my home on the edge of the North Pennines near Penrith in Cumbria, I make my wonderful ornamental landform realistic models by sculpting clay, moulding them, casting and hand painting them. Also they all have protective felt bases. I use my own interpretation and I am self taught. The models are currently of Fells/Mountains of Cumbrias Lake District but also there is now Scotlands Ben Nevis. They are at maximum the size of a small to medium size book and a ruler is used for scale in photos. I also source low carbon suppliers of raw materials and paints.

I have a specialism & great interest in rocks, landforms and this includes volcanoes & volcanic rocks.
I am very familiar with Cumbrias Lake District, having explored it extensively and have known the Lakes since I was very little, when I lived in Durham. Cumbrias Lake District has always been a special area to me. I have also explored & climbed, that includes some rock climbs of most of Scotlands and Wales mountains. Further afield I have climbed 3 of the Swiss Alps highest 4000 metre peaks, several peaks in Norway, Corsica, Italys Dolomites & several Italian volcanoes. In Iceland I have explored & climbed 15 of the main volcanoes including active ones & the highest and experienced the lava eruption of Icelands Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in 2010.
All this has given me the experience and inspiration to make these ornamental models.

There are currently 7 different ones available for sale.


3D Interpretation of Landforms
Clay sculpting of landforms
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