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My name is Laura and I am the owner of Lovingly Handmade Crochet. I became disabled at just 28 years old. I had to give up my new teaching job in special education as I was unable to cope with the hours and intensity involved in a career in education. So instead of moping around, I decided to take up crochet as a hobby, and not let my illness stop me enjoying my natural creativity and need to keep busy. I now spend my time recreating people's pets in a "plushy" cuddly toy versions full time, from home. I have always been a pet lover and surrounded myself with lots of furry companions since I was a child. There is something so special about the bond between a pet and their owner - it's almost magical! My plush toys have also been well received as memorial gifts for pets that have passed away, and can offer great comfort at a truly difficult time.


As well as offering these unique pet keepsakes, I hope to inspire other sufferers of chronic illnesses too! Thank you for getting to know me and I hope you like our creations!

We are a multi-award winning pet keepsake company.

Not only did we have the honour of winning "Best Handmade Product 2019" from Not On The High Street, we have also won a many social media awards for our work, as well as boasting celebrity clientele! We have been featured in many local and national publications too. You really do get your pet keepsake from the very best when you order from us.

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