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I'm Kate from Stourbridge. I have two boys aged 4 and 12 and when I'm not cooking, cleaning, loosing at board games, ferrying about, or mediating I like to get my craft ON!
I enjoy deep and meaningful conversations, conversations about absolute tripe that bring out the laughs, making memories and the craft πŸ˜‰


Layer upon layers upon yet more layers of acrylic.

From the very first base layer to the final varnish layer there are at least 7 more inbetween.....More if there's glitter involved.

I love seeing how each piece evolves through different colour and pattern formations until the final image is ready for varnishing.

I am an artist

I work mainly with clay and acrylics but also love to dabble in other mediums.... I like to keep it fresssshhhhh

β€œEvery child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


Sweet tunes and some cosmic close ups.

Listening to music whilst painting is delicious!

Here for your viewing and listening pleasure is 'the Fratellis' with a little galactic painting.

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