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Elaine Lowton


I am Elaine, the nutty knitter, and I am Grans knits n bits.

Knitting and sewing have been part of my life since I can remember, being taught by my Nan and Mum when I was little.

Grans was born when I was asked if I could create a throw incorporating a pattern they had seen on a cardigan. Deciding to accept the challenge I haven’t looked back, saying yes to pushing myself to attempt creations I never would have considered before. This has meant that I have been lucky enough to have knitted for TV on more that one occasion.

I love having the chance to work with people to give them the creation they are looking for or to provide them with a unique gift for that special person in their life


  • hoodies
  • cross stitch
  • Throw
  • hampers
  • wrist
  • bertie
  • dishcloth
  • donut
  • light grey

Cross stitch kits

Completion of cross stitch kits

Made to order

Custom made knits to your specifications

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