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Fluffy Knittens is essentially family driven, I love being a Mum, making things for other Mums and their babies! This is mostly using knitting and crocheting to create my "makes", though I do dabble in some foam flower wedding crafts and card making too.
Creating clothes, toys and various other things lies very much in my family. My Nana used to make my mother's clothes and constantly knitted for us and for my newest addition to the family - my beautiful darling daughter (who you will see modelling a few of our products). My Mother also knitted and crocheted (and sewed) things for us kids, our home or gifts for others. She taught me both knitting and crochet. Excuse the pun, but I was hooked!
I then started making toys, blankets and various other gifts for friends and family - especially enjoying creating little toys. I love the magic feeling of creating something that will put a smile on someone's face - which is why I always state my products are made with love.
After having my daughter 7 months ago, I fell in love with making things for her also and ramped up what I was creating. I was constantly approached by friends but also by complete strangers who asked me to make them the same or complimented me on my work, saying "You know, you should sell these". I thought, since I was now a mother and couldn't face being away from my girl, I would give it a go. After all, if I could make some money from doing what I love, what could go wrong?
So here I am, making things that (hopefully) will bring you as much pleasure as they bring me to make.



We craft beautiful, unique, handmade gifts

We craft beautiful, unique, handmade gifts - predominantly things that are crocheted or knitted. I am a Mum who loves making toys, blankets and other gifts for babies and children as well as other crocheted and knitted makes. Our services offer from 6 to over 50 years experience from myself, my mother and my grandmother. We also really like to make custom gifts and items for customers - so if you can think it, we will try to make it happen. I do dabble in foam flower wedding crafts and card crafting also.

From 5 star review on Facebook:

Fluffy Knittens is AMAZING. Absolutely gorgeous and unique handmade items, with excellent value for money. Karina is Wonderfully talented to be making such beautifully crafted clothes and gifts such as this. My daughter had a custom made bonnet knitted ready for autumn/winter time and we couldn't be happier with it! Great service, great products and highly recommended, can't wait to buy more items soon! Simply perfect! Thanks a million!

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