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Michelle Robinson

Designer and Maker

I am Michelle and I am the face behind Creatively Wired! I spent many years working in hospitality but, for many reasons, I decided I needed a change. In searching for a new career, my husband bought me a set of wire jewellery making tools and a book of techniques. I started playing and I fell in love with it! It reignited my creative streak that I always embraced as a child but lost somewhere along the way. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Creatively Wired is about fun, funky and unique designs that will set you apart from the crowd. It is about not taking life too seriously. It is about expressing your individuality and style no matter how discreetly or boldly you wish to do this. And all for an affordable price.

The inspiration for my designs comes from things I see in everyday life. I often stop to take photos of random things because they have sparked an idea, whether it be a design or a colour scheme. I am very drawn to flowers, swirls and abstract shapes and anything that involves these is likely to provide inspiration for me.

Since starting to make jewellery in 2017, I have experimented with many materials and techniques. Some have worked really well, others have not! More recently, I have started using the techniques that I have learnt to diversify my product range. Although jewellery is still my main focus, I now also make wall hangings, greetings cards, pin badges, magnets and key rings.

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  • Bright Colour Wave Heart Necklace
  • IMG 4238
  • Large Purple Dot Flower
  • White to Pink Cascading Shapes Earrings
  • Heart Necklace Pink and Aquamarine
  • Etched Teardrop Earrings Summer Skies
  • Multicoloured Pebbles Necklace
  • Heart Hoop Earrings Pastel Mix
  • Small Blot Print Ring
  • Asymmetric Long Drop Earrings
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Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel unique

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