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Hi, I'm Diane the owner and creator of China Petals. I've been making mosaic from china for a number of years and love the idea of turning something old and unwanted into something beautiful and treasured again. I find that working with bone china enables me to snip the pieces smaller to create a more delicate style of mosaic which I love.
It all started one Christmas when my husband went into the attic to bring down the decorations. While he was up there he found a stash of broken, chipped and unwanted bits of china, mainly Royal Albert. It was no good to use but I couldn't bear to throw it away because it was so pretty. I racked my brains, Googled the internet and thought of mosaic. The first thing I created was a large jewellery box decorated with flowers made from the Royal Albert china I had hidden away. I gave this to my mum for Christmas that year and made a few hanging hearts to give away as gifts. People loved what I was doing so I did more and more and honed my skills to what they are today.
I am lucky enough to have a dedicated room at home where I have lots of cups, saucers, plates, glitter, glue, grout amidst other fabulous crafty things. I can spend hours in there creating and making coming up with new ideas.

I love to make things from recycled china, fine bone china

Fine bone china is my favourite as it is delicate and often very pretty. I make a variety of decorative things, including mosaic Christmas decorations but I also like to turn peoples own china into something else, such as a hanging heart, name plaque or simple picture.

My specialty is covering real shoes with mosaic.

Covering a wedding shoe with fine china is always a fascinating project. Every shoe is different, every piece of china is different but the result is always stunning. They look so beautiful and delicate you could hardly believe they are covered in china! Its lovely to be asked to cover a child's first shoe in grandmas china tea cups and create a true family keepsake.

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