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Rosemary Tryhorn

I am a crafty wife, mother and granny who has always loved creating beautiful things. Some forty years ago when my children were small, I yearned to use my artistic abilities but wanted to do 'something different'. It wasn't until I wandered around a craft marquee that I stumbled upon what that 'something' was - Pyrography!
Pyrography is the ancient art of 'burning onto a medium', usually wood but it could be leather or bone
It wasn't easy finding out about tools and equipment and the right type of wood to use - in those days crafters were not very helpful in divulging suppliers or materials, but I did, and through trial and error and a lot of perseverance I managed my first piece of work. Looking back now it was very crude but my friends liked it and even bought plaques from me.
My confidence grew and I started attending Craft Fairs selling a range of Kitchen and giftware. I needed a name and hit upon Blackberry in the title as by far the most popular design was a mouse on blackberries. Blackberries always stood out well on the sycamore bread boards and the like so drew peoples attention.

I happily worked on the craft shows for over 20 years then decided that as the children had all grown and fled the nest, there was nothing to stop me going back to work as a receptionist. It was great for a while but as my health deteriorated and my mobility was affected, I decided to go back to using my artistic talent and specialise in personalised keepsakes for the bride.
I had always sold a range of wedding gifts but never offered different colours or embellishments. This was the start of Blackberry Wedding Designs!
Thankfully, I have successfully been trading for six years and I am still coming up with new ideas. I trade solely online so no longer have to attend craft fairs. I love my work and meet such lovely people through phone calls and emails, many customers return time and time again. I even introduced little hearts for baby births and christenings as the brides I made wedding keepsakes for return for baby keepsakes! As the range grew I changed the name to Blackberry Wedding Designs and Keepsakes which was more in keeping with the items being made.
I am always willing to try and source different colours and embellishments if given enough time or adapt the design to suit a customers idea. Sometimes I am unable to help but you never know unless you ask!

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