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Bic Beaumont Art

I create work across two different mediums; painting and lino print with animals, folk tales and nature as sources of inspiration in the main.


I have two distinct areas of work within painting, one being abstract and experimentation and the other whimsical. In either area the work is full of colour and sparkle, it is fun to create, energetic with mark making or texture and it makes me smile when I look at the work. It isn’t serious or heavy with emotion, it is just about having fun, especially when I’m creating my animal characters.


My lino work follows a similar ethos using animals and folklore, but the work tends to be more peaceful and relaxing, welcoming the viewer in, just to take a moment out from their everyday lives – I certainly find it very therapeutic when I’m creating them.


  • Bic Beaumont Art Notebooks elephant lino print luna the hare painting m resized
  • Bic Beaumont Art Abstract art ceramic mugs m resized
  • Bic Beaumont Art Animal organic cotton tea towels m resized
  • Bic Beaumont Art Animal ceramic mugs m resized
  • Bic Beaumont Art Greeting Cards m resized
  • Bic Beaumont Art Fine art giclee prints m resized
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